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Open Meeting interviews: lights, cameras, action!

Open Meeting interviews: lights, cameras, action!

Agosto 3, 2015
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Six key opinion leaders have been interviewed during the Open Meeting and have shared with us their points of view and their direct experiences in contributing in the DEEP study as well as working in a European context.

The interviews offer an interesting picture of what the clinical research in Albania has achieved so far and what its legacy will be, in particular in light of a more tight international collaboration within a European research Network, as the DEEP project is.

Massimo Gaiani, Italian ambassador to Albania, opened the interview pointing out the importance of developing strong ties and networks as well as fostering the international cooperation to tackle the competition both at EU and global level.

At this YouTube channel, you can download Massimo Gaiani interview.

Amal El Beshlawy, Professor of Paediatric Hematology at Cairo University (Egypt) and President of the Egyptian Thalassemia Association talked about the cooperation between the EU and the Mediterranean countries, emphasizing the great results achieved in iron chelation therapy using deferiprone.

At this YouTube channel, you can download Amal El Beshlawy interview.

Vitangelo Dattoli, General Director of University Hospital Polyclinic of Bari (Italy), highlighted the success of the collaborative efforts in medicine and research between the two University Hospital Centres: “Mother Teresa” (UHCT) and Polyclinic of Bari.

At this YouTube channel, you can download Vitangelo Dattoli interview.

Etleva Refatllari from University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” of Tirana (Albania) shared her experience in applying Good Laboratory Standards in a context characterized by the absence of any comprehensive guidance from regulatory and monitoring authorities.

At this YouTube channel, you can download Etleva Refatllari interview.

Gjeorgjina Kuli-Lito, Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Medicine, University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” (UHCT) presented the critical issues in developing pediatric trials and the main points to be considered to ensure that a clinical trial could be successful.

At this YouTube channel, you can download Gjeorgjina Kuli-Lito interview.

Anila Godo, Professor of Paediatrics and Head of Onco-Haematology Service at the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” (UHCT), talked about the solid partnership between Albania and the DEEP consortium, focusing on the positive impact that the project brought to the Albanian pediatric research and on the importance of unifying diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic strategies at international level.

At this YouTube channel, you can download Anila Godo interview.