The DEEP project has received research funding from the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme

DEEP featured on research*eu results

DEEP featured on research*eu results

Luglio 21, 2014
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The European Commission featured the DEEP Project in Issue #34 of the research*eu results magazine. With Prof. Ceci answering the editorial staff’s questions, the article focuses on the achievements of the project studies in the past three years, which led to a new formulation of deferiprone with a better taste suitable for children, as well as valuable data on the correct dosage to be administered for each age group.

The lessons learned so far? ‘The project takes advantage of the participation of private pharmaceutical companies experienced in developing medicinal products and making them available on the market. Without such collaboration it would be unlikely that the drug would be distributed to all children in need. The lesson learned is that public and private efforts should (and can) be brought together to address the patients’ best interest.’

The magazine can be found online here, and this specific issue can be downloaded here.

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