The DEEP project has received research funding from the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme

Cairo University, Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Hospital, Hematology Department - CU

The Cairo University was established over 100 years ago (1908). Faculty of medicine established since 1827 and became affiliated to Cairo University in 1908. The Pediatric hematology department was established in 1944 as a hematology clinic where the first case of thalassemia in Egypt was diagnosed by professor El Diwany. The number of patients is around 14,000 with different acquired and hereditary blood diseases (2,700 with thalassemia, 350 with sickle B-thalassemia and 200 with sickle cell disease). Patients are receiving their treatment in the hospital with no charge – including medications, blood transfusions, surgical operations and stem cell transplants. The medical staff of the hematology department comprises 25 academic and treating physicians (Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers) and 30 administrative and nursing staff. The hematology department is collaborating with the IME foundation in Italy (Prof. Lucarelli) for bone marrow transplantation, and is involved in European commission projects FP6 ITHANET and MedGenet.

Main tasks in the project

CU will contribute to WP4 objectives through the:

– Enrollment of patients for the proposed pharmacological trials
– Counselling, local administration of the proposed study, long-term follow-up and analysis of trial subjects
– Collection of trial-related data and report to project management

Cairo University
Al Orman
12613 Giza – Egypt