The DEEP project has received research funding from the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme

ApoPharma Inc.

ApoPharma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apotex Holdings Inc. and is sister company of Apotex Inc.. A fully integrated pharmaceutical company, ApoPharma is devoted primarily to generic drug development and manufacturing and includes facilities for fine chemical manufacturing and clinical testing (Phase I), primarily for bioavailability studies. ApoPharma is an SME (currently employing just under 100 scientists and support personnel). The core staff is dedicated to innovative drug discovery and ApoPharma draws on other staff from Apotex, as needed, to carry out functions required from time to time, such as formulation development and analytical chemistry, or service functions, such as human resources, finance and computer services, thus enabling optimum use of resources. ApoPharma discovers and develops new molecules and has become a world-wide centre of excellence in iron chelation over the last decade as it has developed Ferriprox™ (deferiprone), an iron chelator for treating iron overload in thalassemia, which is now approved in 61 countries. Research in iron chelation remains a core competency of ApoPharma, which has now expanded this area to include conditions without generalized iron overload, but where intracellular iron is critical to a pathologic process, such as in Friedreich’s Ataxia.

Main tasks in the project
ApoPharma will be the leader of WP2, dedicated to the:

– Development of a new oral solution formulation of deferiprone suitable for paediatric use
– Conduction of compatibility studies to establish that the ingredients are suitable for the intended purpose and support the stability of the product
– Conduction of a taste test to demonstrate the palatability of the proposed formulation
– Preparation of Regulatory Documentation for submission
– Shipping of product to clinical sites

ApoPharma INC
200 Barmac Drive
M9L 2Z7 Toronto – Canada