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Special focus DEEP Open Meeting

Special focus DEEP Open Meeting

Luglio 23, 2015
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DEEP-2 is, at today, the first paediatric clinical trial conducted in Albania; for this reason Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche (CVBF) in collaboration with University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” (UHCT) has selected the city of Tirana as venue for the 3rd edition of the DEEP Open Meeting.

The event represented the occasion to raise the attention on the progresses achieved by the clinical research in Albania and the importance of the European Networks to create synergies to spread excellence and attract European funding. The meeting was accredited by the Albanian National Centre of Continuing Education, QKEV (providing with 5 CME credits of Continuing Education for healthcare professionals) and was structured into 2 thematic sessions focused on the Clinical Research in Albania and Networks and Projects in a Global Context, respectively. All sessions were carried out in English, with simultaneous translation English/Albanian available.

The meeting was opened by Anila Godo, Professor of Paediatrics at University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” and Head of Onco-Haematology Service (Tirana), Donato Bonifazi, CEO of Consorzio per Biologiche Valutazioni e Farmacologiche and Ogerta Manastirliu, General Director of University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” of Tirana.

The main contents presented and discussed during the Open Meeting are summarized below.

SESSION I – Clinical Research in Albania

The first session of the Open Meeting represented an opportunity for both European and Albanian key opinion leaders and experts to share their experiences in the field of paediatric clinical research. This session was, indeed, an occasion to discuss about many topics related to the conduction of paediatric clinical trials such as the barriers that researchers encounter to the timely development of safe and efficacious medicines especially for children, the related need to set up infrastructures for each study in each site, the collaborative efforts in medicine and research.
In particular, it was stressed the importance of the international cooperation in the activities performed in clinical research as a way to encourage interdisciplinary participation in developing solutions through high-impact, mission-driven collaborations with leading health providers, governments and educational institutions. In this way, the identification of the essential profiles involved in the concrete conduction of clinical research will be supported by the sharing of an high-quality and effective know-how, starting from the basis up to high specialisations proficiency.

The theme of clinical research was also addressed in light of the recent release of the Albanian Law on Drugs and Pharmaceutical services (31st July, 2014), and with a particular focus on the role of Albanian Universities in supporting clinical research as well as the achievements and challenges of the Continuing Medical Education.

Among the various Albanian personalities who attended the meeting, Prof. G. Kuli-Lito on behalf of the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”; the General Director of Health Policy and Planning, G. Bejtja, on behalf of the Albanian Ministry of Health and E. Shehu, Director of National Center of Continuing Education of Tirana.

SESSION II – Networks and Projects in a Global Context

The second session of the DEEP Open Meeting was focused on the importance of the Networks and Projects in a global context and on their impact on clinical research in paediatrics.

Among the several initiatives described at European and global level to promote paediatric research and reduce the extent of the off-label use, a special focus was dedicated to the experience of the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” (UHCT) in two EU-funded projects, in which it is involved as partner: the DEEP (DEferiprone Evaluation in Paediatrics) project and in particular the DEEP-2 Study and the GAPP (GAbapentin in Paediatric Pain) project. The international activities promoted in the clinical research field and in collaboration with an international research consortium will, indeed, provide support for aligning Albanian standards and practices with those present in the European Union for establishing working procedures to make innovation feasible.

An important example of European collaboration was also provided by the proposal of a new European Research Infrastructure for Paediatric Clinical Trials (EPCT-RI), as a new instrument identified in the European Research Agenda with reference to facilities, resources and related services used by the scientific community to conduct top-level research in their respective field.

Here you can download all the presentations of the Open Meeting.

More details on the event and the related agenda are available here.

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