The DEEP project has received research funding from the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme

7th DEEP General Assembly meeting in Padua (Italy)

7th DEEP General Assembly meeting in Padua (Italy)

Marzo 25, 2016
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After the sad decision to cancel the General Assembly Meeting in Tunis, due to the disorders which have occurred across the country, the 7th DEEP General Assembly (GA) will take place in Padua (Italy) on April 13th -15th, 2016 with the participation of the whole DEEP Consortium as well as of external experts.

Here you can find the final agenda of the Meetingwhich can be browsed even through mobile devices.

The meeting will be focused on a general update of the project’s activities, the progresses and achievements of the DEEP project as well as the finalization of the DEEP-2 and DEEP-3 studies, that are of utmost priority. Among others, the financial resources reallocation according to the recruitment performance at any involved centre will be discussed during the meeting.

In the same context of the GA meeting, the DEEP-2 Investigator Meeting and the 4th Open Meeting will take place.

In particular, the Scientific Open Meeting on April 15th, 2016 will entail two sessions:

   –  Challenges And Opportunities Of Conducting Clinical Trials In Paediatrics

   –  Management Of Thalassaemia And Haemoglobinopathies: An Ongoing Challenge

The Scientific Open Meeting will be the occasion to raise the attention on the progresses achieved by the clinical research and the challenges to be faced in conducting clinical trials in paediatrics, also highlighting the importance of the international cooperation through European Networks and the global initiatives to create synergies and foster clinical research. The second session will be more focused on the new pathways and therapeutic strategies for the management of thalassaemia and haemoglobinopathies and will also be the occasion to talk about the goals of the DEEP project.

More details on the event and the final agenda are available here and through our social network channels (Facebook and Google+).